Friday, April 5, 2013

LIH "Counterfeit Cowboy" by Lacy Williams

Counterfeit CowboyCounterfeit Cowboy by Lacy Williams
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Counterfeit Cowboy by Lacy Williams

"A Con man with a conscience....."

Jesse Baker is just out of prison and wants to be a better person but old habits die hard and he is soon looking around the train depot for an easy mark when he spies Erin O'Grady, her beauty shines through though she is wearing older clothes that would make you think she is a maid.
Erin has had one to many upsets with her father and she is leaving town to visit a brother and his family.  She knows her father would not let her do this alone though she is not a young girl any longer.  so she tries to dress down from her station in life, hoping to not be noticed.
Jesse comes to her aid when she is pushed over by a person running through the depot.
Almost immediately a young boy who looks like a ragamuffin comes up to the couple and says he is Jesse brother and they had got seperated, the man and boy eye one another and Jesse knows the boy can see he is not what he claims to be, so lets Erin believe they are brothers and the three get on the train together.
You will enjoy reading this story as Lacy weaves so many feelings and antics between these three unlikely people on a train ride from Boston.
On this long Christmastime train ride hearts and courage are tested and true motives revealed....Can a journey that began with deception end up in redemption and just possibly "True Love" along the way?

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