Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finding Home (Christmas Holiday Extravaganza)Finding Home by Marianne Evans
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Marianne Evans writes a Christmas holiday book "Finding Home"

This story starts with Alexa being devastated when her fiance changes his mind after meeting another woman.  Alexa thought they would be together forever and could not believe he would change his mind so quickly.
She stays to herself a lot and goes over and over in her mind "what had been the problem" why was she now alone...what if?  what if??

Alexa had studied in London and had friends there that she felt the need to go see and knew being around them would get her back on to an even path in her life.
She had loved all the things there like "Big Ben", walks that led to fav places to eat.  she spoke by internet to Peter and his twin and soon decided a visit was the "right thing to do".
The threesome enjoyed much enjoyment together as they grew close once again after their time apart in London. Peter more then his twin, because he had strong feelings before when Alexa was there but felt she was too young for a commitment at that time.  Now all those feelings and more came back and he fell in Love all over again...
Alexa cared deeply for both of the twins and didn't realize how much Peter's feeling had changed for her.  She was basking in the good feelings of friendship and feeling so much better since she left the states.  She had met a man on the plane that was in banking and he was impressed with her and offered her a job opportunity with him if she decided to stay in London.
Finding Home is not always about finding the right HOUSE it is more about the place and who you are with.  Will Alexa find hers before it is too late?  Will she once again leave Peter and travel back to the states without giving Love a chance to grow for them?
I think you are going to enjoy this little book and the insight if gives to relationships and Home....

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