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A Home for LydiaA Home for Lydia by Vannetta Chapman
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The Pebble Creek Amish series book #2 "A Home for Lydia" by Vannetta Chapman

I found the story of the little cabins nestled along Pebble Creek so interesting in book #1 and now in the second book reading further how they needed refurbishing, I was able to meet more characters and love the introduction of Aaron Troyer.

Lydia was not happy to have someone coming to make changes, she was not good with changes...
Aaron was a farmer and that is all he wanted to do, he didn't want to travel far from home and help ..he didn't mind helping, it was the fact that it was not farming.

They needed to work together to make this vacation property profitable and Aaron and Lydia must both make changes they don't want to.
I liked reading of the friendship that Gabe and Aaron had from meeting at the beginning and Lydia and Miriam were friends so they talked many times.
Gabe and Miriam's relationship grew and matured in this book also.  They met fell in love and came together in book #1 and I like to read of characters going forth in their lives as the series progresses.
Vannetta writes a good book and keeps you turning the pages reading to find out what will happen as Love-friendship-adventures all play out.  This story also had little suspense as thefts were around and even came to the little plain shop at the cabins.

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  1. Thank you for your review. I.m glad you enjoyed lydia.s story!