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Wanda Brunstetter book #2 in Indiana Cousins series "A Cousin's Prayer"

A Cousin's Prayer (Indiana Cousins, #2)A Cousin's Prayer by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Cousins and their life's journey...
this is the Indiana Cousins series by Wanda Brunstetter
book#2 "A Cousin's Prayer"

AS we continue the story this is about Katie who lost her boyfriend in the van accident and how she coped afterwards.
Katie had been swatting at a bee in the van when the driver looked backwards to see what was all the commotion and lost control and ran into a tree. She has much guilt feeling the accident was her fault for being panic stricken.
When she didn't seem to get better her parents sent her to florida to live with her grandparents and she was some better there.
She returns to her amish community a year later for a wedding of one of the cousins Lorraine. Katie has panic attacks but doesnt let anyone know about them and her family is worried because she is alone too much and very nervous about the simplest of things.
Freeman had moved to the area not long before Katie returned and he felt he could help Katie because he too had panic attacks when he was young boy so he befriends Katie.
The story has a young amish girl who constantly repeats things she has heard and becomes known as a gossip which is rare for the amish. Eunice had lost a boyfriend before because of this problem and it is looking like history is repeating itself "will she ever learn to curb her tongue"?
This is a great story of many young people who happen to be cousins living day to day lives and the problems that arise and how their faith helps them to live through thier perils...

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