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Book #1 in McKenna's Daughters series by Lena Nelson Dooley "Maggie's Journey"

Maggie's Journey (McKenna's Daughters, #1)Maggie's Journey by Lena Nelson Dooley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Maggie's Journey" by Lena Nelson Dooley

This author is a talanted writer and winner of the Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western Fiction...

The story starts of a couple on a wagon train going west ...the trip is long and "dusty" to say the least.
Florence is a woman that has waited a long time hoping to have a baby and when she sees others with little ones it causes her much heartache.
But..this trip is going to be one she will never forget-she is becoming very despondent when another couple on the train has a big problem. The mother dies giving birth to triplet girls and Florence tells God he should let her have one of these babies.
The father is overwhelmed with death of his beloved wife and doesnt know how to take care of 1 let alone 3 babies-he makes the decision to give Florence one little girl and another family one and he will raise one himself.
This story is of Margaret Lenora who Florence raised as her own and never tells her she is adopted.
Margaret always feels as if she is missing something as she grows up and she and her mother grow apart as she matures. Margaret(Maggie) has dreams of being a fashion designer and seems to have a talant for it. she feels her mother does not want her to pursue a career though and this causes conflict.
Just before her 18th birthday she finds out she has been adopted and her heart is broken to think she has been lied to all these years.
She plans a trip to see her grandmother and an older aunt and a young man she has grown up with go with her. Maggie feels that Charles is someone she wants to get to know better in a different way as she is older now, but she sees he has eyes for her aunt which is disconcerting to say the least.
Can Maggie and Charles ever get beyond childhood feelings and move forward? What do you think about a child being adopted and not told about it, should they be told or not?
I enjoyed reading Maggies story and look forward to the next books in the series of the other two girls.

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