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Almost Amish by Kathryn Cushman

Almost AmishAlmost Amish by Kathryn Cushman

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Almost Amish by Kathryn Cushman

I have never watched the reality shows on TV but have read many amish stories and this book must have been quite a task for Kathryn as she wrote these pages.

Julie is a busy as a bee type young woman with a husband and two children and she is constantly busy making sure everything gets done. She feels overwhelmed and when the chance comes to help her sister-in-law with a project that involves living the "simple life" for the summer she grabs it thinking she needs the rest....

Susan is one of the type people that strives to do everything and to do it "well". She is hoping to better her life after a divorce has made things harder for her. When the reality show wants her and another family to give them the summer and become "almost amish" she jumps at the chance.

Susan has a daughter and Julie has a son and daughter who are not so happy about leaving their homes for the summer to do this amish living but they want to support Susan so they give it their best-shot.

You will love seeing how these modern folks take to learning all the things involved in living the "simple life", it seems everything about it is harder....a lot of up many things taken for granted in their normal lives.

Thanks Kathryn for showing us a look into these two women and their children as they all get much more from this experiment then they ever dreamed possible...

Thank you Bethany House for this book given to read and review...

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  1. I love that we share the same interests in books, reading your review has me thinking I am going to purchase this one for my kindle. Hope your husband is doing ok, will say a prayer for him. Have a wonderful weekend.