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"Dying to Read" by Lorena McCourtney book 1 in Cate Kincaid Files

Dying to Read (Cate Kinkaid Files, #1)Dying to Read by Lorena McCourtney

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Lorena McCourtney's Mystery "Dying to Read"

This is my first Mystery by Lorena read because my sister loves her series of the Ivy Malone Mystery....

This is the story of Cate Kinkaid a young woman out of a job looking for work who stumbles into this job with her uncle "just to have a paycheck" while she still looks for something better.
She has a simple job-to verify wherabouts of one woman named "Willow"and she stumbles into mayhem and murder and meets a wonderful little group of older women called the Whodunit bookclub, they were all on the porch of a large victorian house sitting high on a hill looking just a little bedraggled, when Cate goes to check out last address for Willow. The women were little put out as it was their day to meet and luncheon was to be had also ..so where was Amelia,owner of the victorian..she was not answering the door. all are shocked to find her outside laying at the foot of steps ..dead.
was thia a murder or accident???

Now Willow and cat is missing also when Cate first goes to the rambling old house but..
she meets the cat later when visiting a second time to see if there are clues as to where Willow could have gone. outside all rumpled and hungry missing her mistress..
Cate is a cat-lover so when neice shows up and seems to ignore plight of the cat and sees Cate's interest she lets her take it home with her so she wont have to be bothered with it...

If you like to read mysteries you will like this one as so many characters show up and meander through Cate's life as she learns a little about being a P I ...This routine job is turning out to be anything but.

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  1. Thanks for the review. This sounds like a fun book to read.