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Series-The Cadence of Grace by Joanne Bischof book #1 "Be Still My Soul"

Be Still My Soul: A NovelBe Still My Soul: A Novel by Joanne Bischof

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

this is series The Cadence of Grace by Joanne Bischof
book #1 "Be Still My Soul"

Pretty Lonnie Sawyer is a shy and innocent girl, though she is poor and her father an abusive man, she clings to a quite faith.
Then a handsome ladies man,Gideon O'Riley, steals a kiss when he walks her home one night-that one action seals their fate. Nothing will ever be the same for this young couple who barely know one another.

Lonnie's father along with Gideon's father make the two get married and they start off their union on the wrong foot, they live with his parents for awhile. Her distant groom cant seem to surrender his rage at the injustice of this forced union or give Lonnie any claim to his life.
They travel together towards another town to start their life together -find work and have a home. Many difficulties arise on this journey and thinking it would draw them closer together it seems to put them further away from one another. Walking many miles through bad weather and times of hunger Lonnie feels so defeated. Gid is cruel at times with the pace he makes for this trip.
When it seems they are at the worst in their journey they meet a man who takes them home with him and shares with them to help them get on their feet, Gid reluctantly stays for Lonnie to get better so they can travel on. Jebediah and his wife,Elsie, live alone and being elderly they can use some help around their place. Gideon is told to work for room and board til his wife is well enough to travel again.
He doesnt know it but this couple will be a blessing as he ponders what will happen to him and Lonnie now.
Gideon only ever cared about himself, now he has Lonnie -will he ever be worthy of her Heart?
Can this couple who are so different find some "comoness" and learn to be content with one another?

I was given this book by WaterBrook Multinoman Publishing grp to read and for an honest review, Thank you, I enjoyed reading this new author to me...

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