Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Son (His Navy Years)

This son is my youngest and has a birthday this month
I recall his growing up years and toddling after his brother.
I remember my Mother-in-law saying the time would go fast
on days when I thought two little boys were a lot of trouble
for this MOM...
I didn't believe her then and now...
I know she knew because she had two sons too
that were grown .

This son needed us more then his brother
and today is no different then back then...
I yearn to hold him in my arms and keep him safe
This is not something a Mom can do
we must let them make their mistakes
while loving them and being there
to support them when needed...

I know Mothers reading this will know
where my heart is as I write these words
Remember his time as a child
His time in school
His time in the Navy
His time trying to live life after the Navy.

My Mothers heart aches
and sometimes breaks
I cry his name out to the Lord
and place him in the hands that can heal
this is all a mother can do
all she should do.

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