Saturday, April 11, 2015

Together with YouTogether with You by Victoria Bylin
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Together With You novel by Victoria Bylin

This is a story mostly about FASD(Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder), but Victoria has also added the story of Carly Jo Mason and Dr Ryan Tremaine....
She  has worked with this syndrome before and has a heartache that she has not forgiven herself for that happened with one on her watch.
He had an affair that contributed to the end of his marriage and also to the child born having this syndrome with his drinking.  He is agnostic and has no peace that could help him cope better.  My opinion here.
These are some tough issues yet Victoria has woven them into a story that will touch your heart in so many ways and leave you wanting to know more.
My heart bled for Penny who tries so hard to understand and yet brings so much confusion to all around her because she has this FASD and has also lost her Mom recently so she deals with a lot in the story.

I received this book from Bethany House pubishing to read and review, thanks so much for a wonderful story.

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