Friday, April 3, 2015

Sweet CarolineSweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck

Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck

This is a story written about the low country and the traditions of that area.
A man had a cafe named The Frogmore cafe steeped with tradition -it even had a wall signed by many vets from way back.  Memories here ran rampant and the crew that ran the Frogmore were just like family.
All through the story the song of sweet Caroline kept running through my mind...
The owner Jones died suddenly from heart attack and everyone is surprised to find that Caroline has inherited it, she more then anyone.
She inherits all the debts and a place that needs much work to keep it running.
There is the lost love of a high school sweetheart when he leaves Caroline to make it in the music business in Nashville,gone many years and then returns to wreck havoc with all her senses.
A job offer in Barcelona...can you imagine a low country girl in that setting,neither can she.  Will she accept it?
come read this wonderful story and hear the sounds of "Sweet Caroline" running through your mind.

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