Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Love LettersThe Love Letters by Beverly  Lewis
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The Love Letters written by Beverly Lewis

Marlena Wenger's life has changed drasticaly when she leaves a beau behind and goes to stay the summer with her Mothers Mother in Brownstown, PA.
Grandmother is a Mennonite and she came from old order amish, this makes for some changes that she never thought she would see in her life.
Love letters are written back and forth to her beau and she soon knows he is not happy with her going to a Mennonite church.
A sister that had left the amish community dies is an accident and her husband is in army faraway along with his parents out of the country.  Marlena is asked to care for the child until others can be found and told.
Marlena soon loves this little one and will be sad when the father comes to get her.  This is another thing that her beau is unhappy with as he ask in his letter often, "When will someone come for the child"?
Marlena tries to be a helper to all, grandmother-baby and to neighbors-meeting others in the community and seeing how Memmonite study their Bible and talk and pray to Jesus has her thoughts confused.

I was given this book by Bethany House publishing to read and review, thanks for the opportunity to read this author again.

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