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The Deepest WatersThe Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh
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The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh

This story has its Joy of Love mixed with heartache and sadness almost from the beginning.  John and his new bride Laura choose  to honeymoon aboard the SS Vanderver headed to New York where his family lives.
Laura had married late in life fearing she would always be alone till she met John.  Now a shipwreck has torn them apart..will they ever find one another again.  Miracles abound in this story and you will want to read about them.
It seemed like the journey had only began when there was a terrible storm and the steamship was damaged...everyone must find a way off or go down with the ship.  a nearby ship was able to take the women and children and John and Laura became seperated.
Laura's journey takes her far from John who has his own journey through the waters of the Atlantic after abandoning the ship with only things they can hang onto like old doors and table tops.  The men look night and day for a ship to rescue them. The sun is relentless and no food and water takes its toll on the men...  It is hard to read at times but John has tremendous courage and his memories of Laura keeps him going along with his great faith in the Lord.
Laura meets an old black slave on the ship where she is taken and they seem to help one another as the days go forward with supplies getting low from taking on extra people that need food and clothing.

Dan has told the story well of these two and the others that survived a terrible storm and will want to read his tale.

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