Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Remembering Christmas: A NovelRemembering Christmas: A Novel by Dan Walsh
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Dan Walsh writes "Remembering Christmas"

We probably all have special memories of this time of the year but Rick Denton lives through some really special ones and finds out some answers to questions he has had all his life.
One cold winter in Florida Rick will come to terms with many things in his life and learn more then he bargained for when he found out that his stepfather was in hospital in critical condition and he came home to help his Mom with their business "The Book Nook".
This little christian book store was the livlihood of his Mom and her husband whom he had never let take the place of his father so many years ago when they married.  Rick's life changed when his father left and he never knew why.
Our lives can change in an instant...
Rick had his life just the way he wanted it in a large city far from Florida and seldom saw his Mom or had much contact, he thought he had everything he needed till that winter when he helped in the Book Nook while his stepfather was in hospital fighting for his life.

Come read this wonderful story Dan has written about a simpler time and how we might think we know it all till life changes in an instant and we find out we didn't know as much as we thought we did...

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