Monday, January 6, 2014

               January 20th, 1941

Another day for many but to my brother Bud it meant another baby was going to be born to his Mom. she already had five children and one more was not too much of a celebration.
Yes this day I,Pauline Cotton was born on my brothers birthday.  Do you suppose he ran to school to let them know another little one was coming and on his birthday too?  I am thinking he may have been a little disappointed to have the day stole away from him as I came squalling into the world that day.  
I hope his big sisters Rose and Bonnie made the day special for him since Mom was a little busy.  We were a large family when all was said and done Mom birthed nine children, three boys and 6 girls.  Daddy and the boys were outnumbered.
I was a tiny little girl and Mom only gave me one name, saying Pauline was long enough for me.  I have always been little disappointed that I had no middle name

What is and I was born and survived my childhood.  I am now a senior and looking back I wonder on many things but having lots of brothers and sisters was always something I felt good about, I loved them then and now.
I just hope that Bud was happy to see a new little sister and that his day was a good one for him on his birthday.
We all deserve something special to happen on  our our Birth-day. 

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  1. Well that was a great post!
    Happy birthday!
    So you are your brother share the same birthday, wow I don't know if I know anyone that has happened to.
    So, Pauline no-middle-name have a great day!!!!
    I actually do know a few people that have no middle names.