Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We find Anna getting dressed for her wedding to Boney at the beginning of this new series by Mona Hodgson "Prairie Song" book #1

soon Mama comes in to take the very nervous daughter downstairs, but..Anna is having second thoughts, her stomach feels like there is a herd of elephants roaming around in it..can she marry her friend without the passion she longs for?
When Boney sees her at the doorway he loses his breath at the sight of his lovely Anna but he also sees the nervousness in her eyes and she beckons him to come to her, he knows there is a problem.  They step outside to talk and when he returns all he says to the group gathered to view a wedding..."Thank you for coming to share in our merriment but Anna and I have decided NOT to wed at this time".
There are many things to learn in reading this story Mona Hodgson has for us, #1 would be Not to marry in haste.  
The wagon train will soon depart and Anna wonders if she will be able to find the friendship with Boney they had, after refusing to marry him.  She has other things to be concerned about also as her Mother has began drinking to excess since the loss of her beloved son, those on the wagon train must not know of this.
Many folks started on this journey to have a new beginning and Anna's family is among them.  Caleb Reger, guarding secrets from his past plans to stay far away from Anna as he feels she has done Boney wrong.  
Led by a pillar of Hope this group will face many dangers and rough terrain that will take its toil on the group.
New friendships will be made along the way,Caleb seems to run into Anna at every turn and soon they too find a closeness that no one would have thought would come between them.
Unexpected things along the way will make the group stronger as they go from day to day walking along their wagons as they make little progress as each day rolls into another and the months and the changing scenes knit them into a family of sorts.
You will want to read this new series Hearts Seeking Home by Mona Hodgson soon as it now available to the public...grab your book #1 Prairie Song and settle back for a yarn you won't want to end and will be yearning for the next book to make its debut too.

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