Friday, August 30, 2013

Love Finds You in Daisy, OklahomaLove Finds You in Daisy, Oklahoma by Janice Hanna
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Love Finds YOU in Daisy Oklahoma by Janice Hanna

I must confess I love to read these LOVE YOU?

There was an orphanage in Daisy with the most unruly children that I have ever heard of.  The Sheriff Gene Wyatt and his wife had taken two of the boys to raise and not long after he lost his wife and the boys became the worst of the lot of them.  The whole town was against having the orphanage there because the children were so mischevious, they thought sure they would take over the town, have you ever heard the likes of this?
It seems all that come to take care of the orphange soon leave, not being able to handle the children...until Rena came to town.
Rena had lived with her brother and felt God leading her to care for the children here in Oklahoma so she applied and got the job.  She felt sure LOVE would conquer all.
Come read this wonderful adventure of how she helps the children,the town and herself too as life unfolds in Daisy, Oklahoma..

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  1. Oh I like these "Love Finds You" books. I've read a few.
    This one sounds good.