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Brides of the Storm (Galveston Hurricane Mystery, #2)Brides of the Storm by Amanda Albright Still
What happens when a wife shows up on your wedding day to her husband?
Early 1900's Bride
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Book #2 Galveston Hurricane Mystery, Brides of the Storm by Amanda Albright Still

I am enjoying the antics of Dash and her "Mr Barker" as they stumble on and around the mystery lurking on Galveston Island after the big storm of 1900.  It has been a year and yet the island still has work going on to rebuild the many homes that were destroyed.  So many lives were lost they dont know the true number of them.

Dash has taken in two little girls that lost their parents and they are now "Her daughters" who have her heart.  I think Mr Barker is a little in awe of that...
He claims he does not know women but they sure seem to have their eye on him.  He seems to always know what to do in a situation and "Dash" follows along feeling safe and secure.

This book tells of the wealthy Wingates, or are they?  Winnie is getting ready to wed when the first Mrs returns, one all considered dead after the storm and no word of her for the past year...
You won't want to miss finding out what she did and where she was, another mystery to solve.

Adventure, romance, history, this book tells a wonderful story...
I am anxious to see book #3

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