Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Echoes of the Storm (Galveston Hurricane Mystery, #1)Echoes of the Storm by Amanda Albright Still
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is "A Galveston Hurricane Mystery" called Echoes of the Storm by Amanda Albright #1

From the beginning of this story when Daria Gallagher remembers so much that happened from the big 1900 storm that devastated the island and so many lives were lost, I found this character to be one I wanted to know more about...she felt so many emotions as she remembered the waters rising and the homes tumbling off their footings.  So much death and the smells of it.
Now she has been summoned to the morgue to see a body that has come in with minimal clothing and a card with Miss Gallagher's  name on it in her hand.  Who can this be? she rushes in to be told she must have a man with her to view the body..rules.
Her husband is dead in the storm many are gone, who can go with her, then she remembers her landlord who is also a detective Mr Barker, she will ask him to help her.
I liked Mr Barker immediately, his good looks and the way he takes a liking to help miss Gallagher and they seem to always be doing just that throughout the story.  He helping her or she helping him, I yearn to see a romance between them but usually it is just business.
The author has put a great mystery about a casket and wealth and power by a evil don't want to miss reading this one.
I am anxious to read the next book by this author "Brides of the Storm",  Thanks Amanda for a good read to enjoy

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