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Debut novel by Sherri Shackleford "Winning The Widow's Heart"

winning the widows heartwinning the widows heart by sherri shackleford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

LIH "Winning The Widow's Heart" by Sherri Shackelford

This is a debut novel and a fantastic story

A Texas ranger tracking a bank robber meets a widow when the sherrif of a small town told him he should take a look in this area as he had seen man with horse like the robber was riding out that way.
Jack Elder expecting to find a band of outlaws in the small cabin breaks in the door and is shocked to find a woman in labor before him.

Elizabeth Cole grabbed a rifle and had it pointed at the door as the man broke through the door, I am not sure who was surprised the most. Elizabeth doubled over in pain telling him to get out or the man with his gun drawn looking for an outlaw.
He knew they were both in trouble as soon as he realized no outlaws were here and only a woman weilding a rifle towards him and very much in pain as all of a sudden her water broke and then she realized that the baby was coming and she was not ready for it.
Jack was going to find help at a nearby neighbors when a daughter from that family stopped by and she could help with the birthing. Jack felt a sigh of relief at this news.
He knew he could not leave though until everything was settled so he continued to stay and ended up helping as Elizabeth's strength was almost gone.
A baby girl was born that day and stole the hearts of Elizabeth and Jack too. He stuck around cutting wood and doing chores to help out and wondering how he was going to leave and catch the man he was after.
Elizabeth's husband had worked for the railroad and was gone a lot and when he was home he gambled in the nearby town and no one had much sympathy for her. She stayed close to home living alone and Jo, neighbors daughter, helped at times. Elizabeth's husband had died about 8 months ago but she still felt like she could not make any changes and had rough time taking care of the property alone.
After some time Jack had his suspicions about her husband and the robbery and putting it together he and Elizabeth both came up with the samd idea - that Mr Cole just might have been the robber.
The suspense and romance of the book held my interest and was happy to read the ending was a happy one.

I think we will be reading more from Sherri Shackleford...

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