Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Marshal's Promise by Rhonda Gibson

The Marshal's PromiseThe Marshal's Promise by Rhonda Gibson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

LIH by Rhonda Gibson "The Marshal's Promise"

This is a story of a mail-order Bride..

Rebecca Ramsey has a stepmother that has no use for her and she feels she has no place in her own home anymore, therefore she writes letters to Jesse Cole and decides to become his bride.
She travels to Cottonwood Springs, New Mexico to start a new life.
when she arrives she finds out from the Marshall that her intended has died in a bank robbery gone awry.
Nowhere to go and not wanting to return home she decides to stay and looks for a job to support herself.
Now The Marshall has a ton of guilt from being the one that shot Jesse but he does not tell her all the circumstances at first. He also lost a love before they could marry and feels because he has a dangerous job he should stay single...
Reading this story of Rebecca and The Marshal, Seth Billings, you will see them both have feeling for one another yet hide them thinking that it cannot be.
The town takes a dislike to Rebecca just because she came to be the bride of Jesse whom was a member of the Evans gang at one time and stole lots of money. Some think he told her about the monies-some think she may have it and some are not sure what to think of this young woman.
Mystery-mayhem and romance in this book, you will want to read and find out what is the Marshal's Promise....

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  1. I love books about mail order brides! Loved your review and your blog!