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"A Family to Cherish" by Ruth Logan Herne

A Family to CherishA Family to Cherish by Ruth Logan Herne

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"A Family to Cherish" by Ruth Logan Herne

Men of small town Allegany County find their soul mates....

One of these is Cam Calhoun a widower with two adorable girls that he dotes on. Cam works as a teacher at the local high school and also does work refurbishing homes at which he is noted to be the best in the area.
Cam Calhoun and Meredith Brennan had a past caring for one another in high school before she left town abruptly and now 14 yrs later she is back.
Meredith affectionately known as "Mere" is single and has a secret that she does not want anyone in her hometown to know--you can't live 14 years without some things happening that you might not be so proud of and this was one thing that Mere was definately not proud of.
Watching this story unfold with Cam and Mere refinding a closeness that they both had promised themselves "would not happen". Two little girls wrap Mere in a feeling that she has not known before, they need a mom and cannot remember much of theirs that died when they were so small. Daddy protects them and loves them but he doesn't have the "women's touch" needed sometimes.
Meredith comes back to her hometown wanting to establish a business in an old Senator's mansion that needs some work before opening and thus Cam is her man for the job. She plans a Wellness Spa that will as she says "Feed the soul" as well as the body of the women in town.
Cam has deep guilty feelings because his wife died years earlier of Pneumonia and he feels his indifference to her health and not caring enough killed her.
Through this story we will see Cam and Mere work together at the mansion and also work together on the relationship between them which is instant attraction followed by cautious feelings. Needless to say the girls are the glue that puts these two together many times but true love will cement it.
Ruthy knows how to pull a story together and this one was a pleasure to read.

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