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The Warrior by Joyce Swann

The WarriorThe Warrior by Joyce Swann

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The Warrior by Joyce Swann

this is a tremendous book about the power of prayer, it starts with a dream. Elizabeth has a dream that feels so real and in it she sees a young man in motorcycle accident as she drives the highway and her car is going so fast she cannot stop but looks back as she passes and sees the young man looking strangly like he might be transcending to heaven so she yells "Dont die if you dont know Jesus". then she awakens to feel that this is real and that she needs to pray for him. As time goes on she prays many times for this young man and even names him "Timothy" and starts a journal of her thoughts and prayers for him.
Elizabeth has a wonderful husband and two little girls and they are living a good life with lot of material things but thier lives are touched by God and they live to help others.
The girls Tracy & Molly are both beautiful girls but different as night and day in their personalities. Molly never seems to feel she is good enough and as she grows up she makes many wrong choices in life.
James Goodwin almost dies from his motorcycle accident but still lives his life for himself doing what feels good. He returns home to recuperate but feels uncomfortable with his parents attitude about church and religon which he wants no part of.

Both the lives of Molly and James seem to spiral downward into darkness and evil as they move through life. They both seem to want to destroy any small part that they know is good. unbeknownst to them they both have a strong prayer warrior working for them. Elizabeth has a strong faith and she feels the need to pray at times when both of these young people seem to be going through some rough spots in their lives.
James finally has a judge send him to rehab instead of jail and it is here where he reluctanly begins a change in his thinking. He gets a job and goes to a church Celebrate Recovery(CR) grp that meets on friday nights and meets many people that want to help him. He decides he doesnt want to go to jail so for 1 yr he will do this CR stuff and act like he is getting it, so everyone will leave him alone but little does he know that when you live something for so long it becomes a habit and It takes much time but he finally "gets" the program and
becomes a part of it. He finally lives for Jesus and works in the CR program to help others.
James works in construction field as a finisher and meets Boomer Anderson when he comes to Texas on a business trip and they like one another though they are miles apart, Boomer is rich and has everything and James is just a young man working for a living. The two seem to have things in comon though and Boomes "likes" this young man. He sends him a pr of expensive handmade boots as a thank you after his meetings are over and he leaves town. James is surprised but pleased with the gift.
The lives of Molly and James finally collide and he tries to help her get off the merry-go-round life of destruction she is living after she lands in the hospital from a beating she was given by her then boyfriend. She is reluctant and enters the CR program at first because she is lonely and desperate.
James and Molly are drawn together and in time realize they love one another and when they go to meet her parents James meets Elizabeth and soon realizes who Boomer and Elizabeth are and how he has met Boomer before. When Elizabeth realizes that James is her "Timothy" she is overcome and he too with the thought that for all these years she has been praying for HIM. Now they meet and both cannot believe how God has worked to bring them altogether..
Reading the story of James and Molly and their prayer warrior was a different type of book for me but I felt happy to turn the pages and see what would happen next in the lives of these people. I am sure you will get insight into how Prayer can and does help.

I was given this book by the author for an honest review and feel that I was blessed to have had the opportunity to read this story. Thank you....

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