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Travelers Rest by Ann Tatlock

Travelers RestTravelers Rest by Ann Tatlock

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Travelers Rest written by Ann Tatlock

This book has two stories intermingled so well you would think its one. Jane Morrow is a beautiful young woman in love with a young man who happens to join the national guard hoping it will make their future better for them, he plans to do schooling and save monies.
The best laid plans dont always turn out the way we want them to and this couple had their world turned upside down when Seth was severely injured while in Iraq.
Now Jane heads to VA Hospital in ashville feeling that she loves this young man and no injury can make a difference to her, she meets Seth again who is the same -yet not the same-young man. Seth is having a very hard time accepting his life now that it is so limited-he is a quad, nothing works below his neck. His dreams are the happiest times when he sees himself as he was whole and happy.

Jane meets several folks at this place where soldiers come to heal, one is Truman a black man who has a secret and was a Doctor before retiring to this hosp as an ex-soldier. Truman lived in Travelers Rest in his early life but left abruptly leaving a love behind that haunts his lifetime. A choice was made and his life changed in a moment..

She meets Jon Paul a talanted piano player who has a disease that is taking his sight from him, he doesnt live here only visits to see his sister a nurse working there. Jon Paul is a lawyer in his families firm and has little sight now but Jane's love of music make these two fast friends. She sits many times and listens as this talanted young man plays beautiful music at the hospital.

I want to tell you all their stories but you need to read the book because they are good ones you will want to "feel" as you sit reading. I was impressed with the way that Ann Tatlock has written these characters into a story and made so many important- yet focused mainly on Seth&Jane.
Choices have made changes in the lives of Seth and Truman. once made we must live out the consequences as just like dominos they fall into place in our lives.

I was given this book by Bethany House for an honest review, Thank you

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