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"The Discovery" by Dan Walsh

The Discovery: A NovelThe Discovery: A Novel by Dan Walsh

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"The Discovery" by Dan Walsh

This is my first book read by Dan and I am in love. What a writer, I will be reading more of this man's stories.

Michael Warner has loved his gramps all his life and there most likely was some hero worship in there too. Michael wanted to be a writer and Gramps was a literary giant whose novels sold in the millions.
Today though was a sad one as Gramps has died and the will is to be read and the family inherits all his worldly possessions. Michael knows this will change his life drasticly as he and others in the family will inherit a lot of money.
Micaels sister Marilyn has a quest to find out more about their grandpa, she is into the ancestry bit and is quite puzzled when there seems to be no family beyond their grandparents, she thinks there must be a secret and she wants to know what it is.
Michael inherits the house complete with antique furniture in Charleston, a very nice estate that in itself is worth millions. Michael has the love of his life just as Gramps had one special woman in his life and now to have this special place to live in where his "gramps" had lived and worked the last years of his life, just seemed to be miraculous.
It is only after he has moved into the house he finds an unpublished manuscript that he feels his gramps wanted him to find. The story is titles "An impossible Love" by Gerard Warner, He sits reading many hours at a time and feels drawn closer to his grandfather. It is within the story in this book that he realizes there was a secret in the life of his grandparents.
I felt Michaels feelings as he read this story and his unbelief that turns to belief as he turns the pages- when he knew what he was reading.
You will want to read this book and discover why this author led his life as he did and why he chose to let his grandson know his story and for the family to decide what to do with it.
What a Discovery - A story within a story-I loved reading them both.
Are secrets meant to be kept even after someone dies?
Thanks Dan for a wonderful story

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  1. Glad you loved it! Great review. This was the first book of his I've read also and I'm looking forward to reading his others.