Saturday, June 16, 2012

McKaslin Clan as a new story with Luke the "Montana Cowboy", by Jillian Hart

Montana CowboyMontana Cowboy by Jillian Hart

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Jillian Hart and another book in her McKaslin Clan "Montana Cowboy"

What was this california girl doing to start a friendship online with a Montana Cowboy? She is really liking the way this guy sounds and when she goes to meet him -Oh my she is sinking further and further into this "Friendship" they have.
Honor Crosby -big time city girl is lonesome in Montana and begins a friendship with Luke the "Montana Cowboy" on Goodreads site,online. They become fast friends.
Luke McKaslin is a true blue country boy and loves his life working with his brother Hunter in their dairy business. He loves it so much he has names for his girls(cows).
This couple find many things in comon and Honor fits right in with the McKaslin clan, she goes to many of the outings and the sisters learn to love her and start matchmaking for the two of them.
Luke has had a bad relationship in his past and so has Honor and they think this has to be a friendship, No Love feelings are allowed- but somehow they do sneak in there and before they know it each has strong feelings and try to hide them-thinking the other only wants friendship.
Can they let go and let those true feelings come out and share their lives, can Honor want to be in Montana for all time, Honor is hoping Luke will ask her to stay by the end of this book and you will want to read and see the interaction between these two good friends from Goodreads.

Thanks Jillian for another great story and I think I see another coming when Hunter meets his old girlfriend at the end of this book, I sure hope so anyway....

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  1. Paula, thanks for the review. These cowboy stories have gotten really popular! BTW, you are the winner this week for a Dan Walsh book. Congrats! Carrie

  2. This sounds cute! Love on Goodreads, how about that! Looking forward to reading this one. Right now I'm reading Homespun Bride by the same author!