Thursday, September 29, 2016

                                                          Tempus Fugit

                            As September has zipped right through her days and now is sailing forward to October I am at a loss as to how fast time is going since I became a senior.
                           I want the days of my youth when I ran and played with my siblings,no thought for how a meal would be there to feed thought for how the roof over our heads got thoughts other then happiness for the day.  no thoughts of tomorrow,I would sleep soundly and awake to a day of school-homework-playing again...I had no worries as I do now...
                        Generation after generations life goes on...Grandpa and Grandma leave us and soon we are the grandparents, smiling and happy to play with the grandchildren.  Proudly smiling as our children work a good job-have children& strive to be a good citizen ...paying their bills and living "The Good Life".  It is their turn to be responsible, making their children have no thoughts of where a meal would come from,knowing they could sleep soundly and live the carefree life of a child.
                         I am reminded of the verses in the Bible of "A time to live and A time to die", we will all die to this world-yet only by accepting the grace of our father in heaven-We can live eternally.
                         Our lives on earth are so short compared to what we can have afterwards.
                          I have met many people on my journey moving forward, in jobs that I have had, in neighborhoods where I lived.  In church where we met and Love was shared.
                          I hope your journey has been a good one and that you are ready to live that eternal life ahead, I want to meet you again my friends and family.....Accept and live.

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