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A Sensible Arrangement by Tracie Peterson
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A sensible Arrangement by Tracie Peterson

I picked this one up at thrift shop, because I like reading this author.

Marty Dandridge Olson is a widow and lives on a Texas ranch..she was devastated when her husband was killed by a bull. Now 4 years later she wants to move thinking the ranch is a dangerous place.
One day she sees an ad in the paper from a man in Colorado looking for a texas woman who would like to come and have a sensible arrangement by marrying and living with him.
Its a way out that she is considering.
Jacob Wythe was a texan now living in Colorado and working as a banker. His heart is in Texas and hopes to return there one day and have his own ranch. This is one think he neglects to tell Marty when they write one another.
As the wife of a banker Marty must change the way she has lived and become a socialite. The president of the bank's wife wants to help her adapt and so much of it just seems trivial and Marty is soon bored. She had always been busy working on the ranch and now she had servants to do all the work in the home. She was to become like a social butterfly going from tea to tea.
Their marriage was to be ,just an arrangement, but both of them soon find they are so comfortable with one another and beginning to have feelings that are nothing like arrangements. Can they change -who must speak first? They are married after all.
I enjoyed reading this story and know you will too,from beginning to end this couple were respectful and each learning from the other that sensible arrangements could change if they had the courage to move forward.

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