Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Love Transformed (Sapphire Brides #3)A Love Transformed by Tracie Peterson
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Series Sapphire Brides, Book #3 "A Love Transformed" by Tracie Peterson

I have not read any in this series but this book and it read great as a stand alone.
Clara is a niave young woman who lets her mother plan her life for her and so she marries Adolph who is older and only marries her for prestege-there is no love between them yet they have a birth of twins and seem to get along with one another. Clara has no idea what happens in his business. She does do designs for him on the jewelry his company sells. He takes the credit and she does the work.
When she learns her husband has been killed ,his twin brother tells her that she will get nothing as her husband gambled it all away-bad deals.
Clara is afraid her Mother will come and force her into another loveless marriage so she packs all their things and travels to Montana to an aunt and uncle that she has stayed with when she was young. She had loved her summers there and wanted her children to see it.
There had been a summer romance and she still loves him, now she is destined to meet Curtis again. Can they find the love they once had and have a future together?

I was given this book by Bethany House to read and review,thank you .

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