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Hearts Made Whole (Beacons of Hope, #2)Hearts Made Whole by Jody Hedlund
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Beacons of Hope series, book #2 "Hearts Made Whole" by Jody Hedlund

I love to read the stories of the keepers of the Lighthouse and this one is told well.  Caroline loves to live and work with her father at the lighthouse and he has taught her so well she can do it alone but The board would not agree.
Carolyn is the oldest of the siblings and has kept watch over them since her Mother died, she has a sister that is very ill and two brothers who are twins (mischevious little ones)along with another sister who hates living at the Lighthouse and wants to leave and find her own life.
When Carolyn's dad dies in a storm ,his boat overturns out on the lake and he and the good doctor are drowned.  Carolyn becomes the keeper until someone else can be found.  She does the job well for months.
Ryan Chambers is a returning vet haunted by the horrors of war.  He has lost part of his hand and is in great pain that has made him become addicted to opium and whiskey to dull it.  The Lighthouse board wants a man and has offered the job to him as keeper at Windmill Point.
He comes early to the job before anyone expects his arrival and is met by a homey atmosphere with Carolyn and the children not ready to leave and not sure where they will go when they do.
Carolyn soon sees this man is not up to the the job and she continues to do the work while he lays in the boathouse not knowing day from night.
Compassion for his wounded soul has Carolyn helping so he can stay there.
Jody has written a story about forgiving, faith. fortitude as they move through the days ahead of them. Soon  mystery evolves when someone wants Carolyn to leave the lighthouse and she has many happenings that scare her.  come read how the hearts of two become healed and the mystery is solved after some scary moments.

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