Monday, May 18, 2015

Book 1 ~ Love's Rescue

Coming June 2015!

A tomboy tries to become the perfect Southern belle in order to win her father's approval of the man she loves

Set in 1850 Key West, this rousing adventure sets sail on the treachurous high seas with life-shattering secrets and heart-melting romance. 

I am soon to read this story by Christine whom I have read before and enjoy her stories, you will too when you try one of her books.  Christine writes from the heart and fills ours up along the way....
Stories of the 1800's has always made me love them with their rowdy cowboys and their genteel ladies.  This one is little different with a young girl who is a tomboy but wanting to become a Lady in every sense of the word, I know Christine will bring her to life for us.
Come read with me as we see this moth turn into a butterfly.

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  1. Thank you, Paula! I hope you enjoy Elizabeth's story.