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Amish PromisesAmish Promises by Leslie Gould
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Series Neighbors of Lancaster County, book #1,"Amish Promises" by Leslie Gould

This story is little bit amish and little bit "English", neighbors who learn to be truly "Good Neighbors".  I liked reading and learning some of the differences between these two neighbors.
Joel has came back to his wife after Iraq, he is healing both physically and mentally.  Many challanges ahead for him.  Shani chose Lancaster County home of her grandfather to bring peace for them.
Eve Lehman  is helping her brother raise his children after his wife dies, he is protective of her because she left the community when she was younger and he is afraid she will again.  Tim is a brother who has not got over his wife's death and he is a man that is very strict with the family.
Joel has a good friend and fellow serviceman "Charlie" who has helped them a lot and visits often from Philly.  He and Eve become friends quickly and it is hard to be "just friends" for them.
Can an amish woman once again leave and accept more then a friendship from Charlie...she loves the children and once made a promise to her close friend -their mother-she would always be there for them.  She is torn.
The children accept one another instantly Zane is son of Joel and Shani.  He becomes so close to the amish children and even tries learning some of their Pa Dutch words.

Many things are going on in this story and you must journey the quiet Lane in Lancaster County where Love and Heartache and Friendship and Healing will meet.

I received this book from Bethany House to read and review, thanks so much

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