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Tide and Tempest (Edge of Freedom #3)Tide and Tempest by Elizabeth Ludwig
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Series Edge of Freedom-book#3 "Tide and Tempest" by Elizabeth Ludwig

Ships~Rugged Captain~Mystery this book has it all...
The Captain of "Caitriona Marie" stands on deck remembering a young woman from two yrs ago that lost her husband and he helped her find a place to live in a New York boarding house.  Now he hopes to find her after he finds out that the death of her man was not illness but murder.  A deathbed confession has led to this knowlege and now the Dr that treated him has admitted to murder, asking forgivness.
Keondric Morgan has never forgotten the lass and feels a deep need to make sure she is alright.  Could she be in danger too?

Tilly McGrath has fared well at the boardinghouse and even saved some monies and hopes she can start an orphanage with it.  She feels she is not worthy to wed and have children of her own....  She is quite surprised to see the Captain again but likes that he has came to see her and see if she is ok.  truth be known she has thought of him from time to time too.

There is much sinister goings on that neither are aware of and soon they will be embroiled in a mystery that almost takes their lives.

I enjoyed reading about this couple and all they went through before they could find a way to become closer.  It is a joy to read any of the books written by this author Elizabeth Ludwig and you will put her on your list after you read one book as I did.

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