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A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love StoryA Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story by Julie Lessman
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A Light in the Window by Julie Lessman

I finished this book but just could not think of words I wanted to write in review.  so many days later here I am.

Words are not good enough for this review but it is all we have so.....

Marceline Murphy is a beautiful young christian woman who has wanted to have a large family to love and be loved by.  she adored Sam O'Rourke and the whole family from the time she was a little girl.  Sam's sister Julie was her best friend growing up so she was in and out of the family a lot.

Patrick and Sam were best friends and became simply rogues in the way they lived their lives and Father Fitz had them volunteering for comm unity services to keep them out of trouble from time to time.  this time it is helping the girls with a play for Christmas called "A Light in the Window".

Marcy is excited to see more of Sam but then Patrick shows a side of himself that endears him to her heart too.  Both of the young men want to court Marcy, who do you think will have the better chance of becoming close?

Many think Patrick is bad influence on Sam but could it be the other way around?  you must read this story and see what happens when a young man - "A rouge at heart" finds he has a reason to want to be a better man.
Two men care deeply for one woman or do they?  Who will win the heart of this young woman and give her all she has dreamed about.

Thanks to this author for showing us we need God in our lives to guide us, if we just live on our own, things don't run as smooth or "right" as they do with him.

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