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Taken for English (Valley of Choice #3)Taken for English by Olivia Newport
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Series Valley of Choice book #3 "Taken for English" by Olivia Newport

I have read this out of sequence but doesn't matter still a great story comes through and I remember characters from before.  Annie has made her choice after much prayer and thought to leave the English world and become Plain in the Amish.  while still english she had met Rufus and knows she loves him and he her but that is not why she changed her life.  Some may think that this is the case but it is not...
The family of Rufus love Annie and keep thinking why is Rufus waiting so long to marry. He is almost 30 way past when most marry.  This young man cares deeply for his family and does all he can to help them even putting aside things for himself first.
When two new firefighters come to town there seems to be more fires then usual and then arson is expected.
A young girl leaves her home not long after moving to the community because of upset with the family, she left a young man that she cared for and wants to return and marry him, Mother does not like the idea and tries to keep her from returning this leads to much angst in the family.  Annie's heart goes out to the young woman and wants to help her.  can a caring heart help while family ties are severed?
Olivia has written a story that will catch your heart as you read the pages and the stories of these two young women and the men in their lives.  The mystery of the fires will get sorted out and life in a plain community will settle down once again with a Wedding to be planned.

Thanks Olivia for another story that touches the heart and makes us think beyond English or Amish, we all make choices in our lives and hopefully they will be done with much thought and prayer as Annie has done.

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