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Minding Molly (The Courtships of Lancaster County, #3)Minding Molly by Leslie Gould
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Series The Courtship of Lancaster County, book #3 "Minding Molly" by Leslie Gould..

I have so enjoyed reading about these young women and the men that come into their lives.  This author so cleverly loosely wrote these stories with Shakespeare themes in mind.

Molly Zook is a controlling person, she plans and organizes everything right down to the last period. Little sister Bea is not happy about this.  I was pleased to see the twins Martin and Mervin again in this book, they are gentle caring men, always eager to give a helping hand.
The Zook family lives on a flower farm that is not doing so well since they lost papa Zook.  Molly is concerned for her mother and tries to help all she can.
Leon Fisher comes to the area to work training horses at her best friends home and when she meets him....sparks fly.  Her friend Hannah has been in love with Mervin but they have cooled and now he thinks he loves Molly and her Mom likes that very much.  Molly doesn't.
Molly needs to learn to relax more and not be so controlling, Hannah is upset with her friend when she sees Mervin wanting to be with her.  will this friendship stand through it all.  Time is needed to sort it all out.
Molly is hoping Leon cares for her and tries to get Mervin to look again favorably on Hannah...she tries to control when she should just let things move at their own pace.

I look forward to the next book with Bea's story.  these are some simple but complicated young women but all works out in the end when they listen more to God then themselves just as we should...

I received this book from Baker publishing group for review, thanks so much

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