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The Prodigal Son ReturnsThe Prodigal Son Returns by Jan Drexler
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The Prodigal Son Returns written by Jan Drexler

Bram-aka Dutch has been gone from the community for a long time-12 yrs.
He went on to become friends with some of Chicago's bad boys. During his time on the streets and with folks like this he learned many (Un-amish) ways.  After a time he met a guy with FBI that took him on and taught him to be double agent so to speak...working with mob and then informing FBI of things they needed to his cover was blown and he needed a safe place to lay low..thus
Bram decided to become himself and go back to the amish community and settle in..He didn't count on meeting The Miller family and esp Ellie Miller.
Ellie was now a widow and though it had been almost 2 yrs since she lost her husband she could not even think of marrying again and she clung to Hope that she could move back to the farm they has lived on as a family. she had 3 children and lived near her parents for awhile.  When she met Bram he wore "English"clothes and talked like them too so she knew she would not be thinking of him as anyone to get close to.
Ellie's dad liked Bram when he came by to buy a horse from him and told him he was thinking of buying a farm and living the amish life again.
Can someone who has had such a worldly job and lived so long outside the community return again?  John Miller seem to think so...
Do you think Ellie will open her heart after such a long time of holding herself away from even her friends in the community..staying home and not getting out much.
I am thankful that God gives second chances and this story sounds like two people need it pretty bad..I enjoyed reading this story.

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    1. thanks Susan..good to see ya here

  2. Pol, this book sounds great,so glad that you reviewed it otherwise I would never have heard of it, or the author for that matter, adding it to my TBR list.