Wednesday, May 15, 2013

No Safe Harbor (Edge of Freedom, #1)No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig
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No Safe Harbor is book #1 from series "Edge of Freedom" by Elizabeth Ludwig

Its 1897 in Ireland and Cara Hamilton has lost all hope of seeing her twin brother again until the letter gives her the Hope that he is alive and in American and she feels she must go find him and bring him home..Now she stands on the deck of a ship headed for America and wonders has she lost her mind.
Traveling such a long way by ship in those days was not an easy task, she was lucky to have been befriended by an older gentlemen who made sure she was little more comfortable saying she reminded him of a daughter he had lost. He gave her the name and address of a boarding house in New York that turned out to be a life saver when she came to the city and knew it would take awhile to find her brother.  He told her in the letter to not trust anyone and to wait for him and he would find her...
The boarding house was a god-send because she found friends and a kindly woman that owned it who were great help in her finding a job.
Can you imagine embarking from a huge ship into a large American city in those days not knowing where you would go or how you would live.  Cara was braver then I...
You will enjoy reading this story by Elizabeth that is filled with adventure and suspense, danger seems to be everywhere and she is not sure whom she should trust and finds herself praying daily for her brother to find her soon...

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