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Grace Given (Touch of Grace #2)Grace Given by Beth Shriver
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Touch of Grace series book 2 "Grace Given" by Beth Shriver

Amish folks have moved into Tx looking for more land for their large families to grow..This story starts with two young sisters being harrassaed by some english teens, this will later become a problem that the whole community is faced with.
Elsie is devastated when she awakes one morning to find her friend Jake has left the community along with her sister Katie.  We will read how this takes a toll on Elsie and she has to learn to forgive her sister. Can she? Jake and Katie had feelings for one another that no one knew about not even Elsie who cared more for Jake then he did for her.
There is a constant in Elsie's  life though as Gideon Lapp, a good friend, he seems always to be able to make her feel better.  Gideon too has a secret(he cares more for Elsie then she knows).  In time Gideon and Elsie become closer as she opens her heart more to him and realizes that he can be "the one".
Katie's Daed has closed his feeling off after she left so abruptly and wishes all to not talk about her in the family.  An illness finally has Elsie seeking to speak to Katie and let her know which seems to open a doorway and soon Katie ask to come home again.
You will enjoy reading this story of forgiveness and "grace given" when second chances are needed in this family.
I received this book from "The Booketeria" to read and give honest review, thank you

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  1. Pol, I really enjoyed this book too. I found it interesting that these Amish characters were harassed, and the setting of Texas stood out for me!