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"Too Rich for a Bride" by Mona Hodgson this is book #2 Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek

Too Rich for a Bride: A NovelToo Rich for a Bride: A Novel by Mona Hodgson

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"Too Rich for a Bride", book @2of the series Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek.

I enjoyed reading this series as I have 5 sisters and know a little about sisters....

Ida Sinclair is the older one always giving advise and watching out like a mother hen over her sisters- well she really had to as they lost their Mother at a young age. I think this makes her decide to become a business woman when she is grown, she would rather think business then beaus...Ida travels to Cripple Creek where two other sisters have gone to meet husbands to marry, Yes Kat and Nell were going to be mail-order brides but things went awry in book @1.
Now Ida wishes to learn the business world from Molly O'Bryan that her sister has written her about and just knows they will get along well.
Both Kat and Nell eventually found good upstanding young men to marry and have good lives in the thriving community of Cripple Creek. It is a beautiful area sitting at the base of majestic mountains.

Upon her arrival Ida soon has two men vying for her attention, one an attorney and another a traveling preacher who is working an ice company to help his ailing father, this woman who has no interest in men seems to have caught the interest of two for her. Will this change her idea of becoming a business woman?

Tucker the traveling preacher comes to cripple creek at almost the same time as Ida because his father is ill and help is needed to keep the ice company thriving. This man has a heart for the Lord and speaks to him occasionally aloud in the streets and usually Ida is always somewhere nearby to hear him. She greatly respects him and that is surely a good beginning.

There are many ups and downs in Ida's business world as she learns from Molly and takes to Wall street like a duck to water..
Tucker has his ups and downs in learning how to make a go of his fathers ice company but has the help of a trusted employee "Otis" who has a passel of children to raise.

Ida is taken by the business world and is soon right in the middle of a castastrophe that her new lawyer friend without knowlege of many, has a few shady deals that Ida gets caught up in, can she see what is happening or will he waltz her down a lane she needs not to travel?

Mona has adventure along with romance in this story and this community is filled with loving folks that help one another and care about one another. I esp liked the character Miss Hattie, who runs the boarding house and though she never had children and lost her husband years ago I think she treats her boarders as family and everyone likes coming home to Miss Hattie's place for a good home cooked meal and great fellowship....this is one series that you will want to read and enjoy.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this series. Can't wait to read the more.