Friday, May 4, 2012

Eva Maria Hamilton "Highland Hearts"

Highland HeartsHighland Hearts by Eva Maria Hamilton

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"Highland Hearts" by Eva Maria Hamilton

Logan's years waiting for his bride reminded me of the Bible story of Rachel and Leah. Logan loved Sheena Montgomery but her father thought this young man not worthy of his daughter so he asked him to be indentured servent and learn a trade to better his position in life. I think Logan's big mistake was not telling Sheena why he was leaving and that he wanted her to wait for him..He did not though.

Sheena was broken-hearted when Logan left abruptly and she spent the next 5 yrs trying to get over him, just as she was settled in her mind that he was truly gone and she needed to get on with her life...she became bethrothed to a man she had not seen but aunt set everything up. He was wealthy and would make a good husband and father.
Before they wed Logan showed up and muddied the to speak wanting to see his Sheena and finally to be wed to the only woman he had ever loved.
Sheena must learn to trust Logan again -can she see his true Highland Heart? She is a stubborn woman -can she look past the last 5 yrs and put this other man from her life and take Logan back into her heart? The family wants her to forget Logan, her heart tells her different.

I enjoyed Eva's story and how she brought the couple together again .

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  1. I enjoy the Love Inspired series! Happy Reading!