Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morning on Sandy Creek in Ga

Good morning,

As I stood on the front porch this morning letting Nikki do her thing out in the yard, I felt so at peace with the cool air and morning "Feel" like no other during the day-I thanked God for being in my life and all the things that we take for granted. I saw a sliver of a moon in the shadow of the sun coming up to start the day. I love the outdoors and seeing so many blooms on shrubs flowers and trees, I have a huge Mimosa tree that is in full bloom and the birds were flitting to and fro through the leaves from branch to branch, sometimes it appeared they were putting their little beaks into the pink blooms to drink but I dont think there is anything there except maybe some early morning dew.
Its a good morning and I hope yours is too...

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