Sunday, January 17, 2016

At Love's Bidding (Ozark Mountain Romance #2)At Love's Bidding by Regina Jennings
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Series Ozark Mountain Romance #2"At Love's Bidding" by Regina Jennings

A painting was sold that should not have been and so begins an adventure that takes Miranda Wimplegate far from Boston to the Ozark mountains in a search with her grandfather.
You will meet many colorful characters and see the mountains and the beauty of it as only Regina could tell it.
An auction house was bought sight unseen by Grandfather in an attempt to get this painting back before anyone knew of how important it was. A mystery ensues of the man it was sent to.
Wyatt has yearned his whole life to know who his parents and their family were, The Ballentines took him in when his parents were killed on a wagon train going west. They gave him their name and raised him to be their son. Yet Wyatt never felt he quite measured up and was always competing with his brothers.
From an auction house in Boston to one in the Ozark mountains you will find many new adventures from these characters that you don't want to miss.
A High society Miss and a country bumpkin, when the two find they kind of like one another, and wonder why? What can come from these feelings and where is the elusive painting?
I so enjoyed reading and reviewing this book by Regina Jennings and you will too.

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