Tuesday, October 27, 2015

If I were Betty sitting in the garden looking quite complete, would you listen?

Gardens are special places that we fix flowers and items to view sometimes whimsical....
                                   at least I do...do you?

Steps made of stone or brick making a pathway to walk and view, makes me think of the mazes some choose to make and a couple getting lost -finding the middle with a bench where they sit,talk a bit and maybe even spoon....a little kiss or maybe two.  Then emerging once again to face life as it is.

A Birdbath where the robins play sometimes drinking and sometimes bathe, but always with a merry tune for all to hear making the world a little sweeter that day.

A cat comes sneaking along the walk ...looking for someone or just taking a stroll down the pathway.

Dreams in the garden are always a little more sincere when we sit on a pretty bench and view the trees overhead swaying with the breeze, listening to the little small voice that wants to be heard and in our busy world we have no time to listen.  Now we do....

Sunshine cast its spell and warmth as we sit a spell ..in the silence do you hear it, that magical moment when time stands still and no worries abound, just peace and quite making Hope spring into our souls and "just knowing" all is right with the world.

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