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Streams of Mercy (Song of Blessing #3)Streams of Mercy by Lauraine Snelling
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Series "Song of Blessing",book #3 Streams of Mercy written by Lauraine Snelling

I love returning to North Dakota and the little town of Blessing and all the characters that I have read several books about. The character that stands out the most to me is Ingeborg who is now a widow again, Haakan has been gone almost two years and the pain of it, is a little more bearable as the days go by.
But..this story is about Anji Baard Moen who to is recently widowed while in Norway and she returns with her children to the town of Blessing. She is a teacher and writes articles for the newspaper in town.
Thomas Devlin is a minister without a post and came into town looking for work as a carpenter to support himself until a church calls him to preach.
His work on the house of Anji helps to form a friendship that is fast becoming a relationship that both will be happier for. If...they can let themselves.
Within this story is the devastating tale of a circus train coming to town with some sick folks that soon leaves Blessing quarantined and diphtheria is found to be the culprit. Many are so sick and then dying ones everyday. The doctors at the hospital that was filled to capacity were exhausted. Trainees were added to help. An antitoxin was found and sent by train but many died before it arrived.
The little town of Blessing opened its hospital and homes reluctantly helping those that needed help.
Many cities before them would not let the little train stop in their cities. The animals were starving on the circus and the townspeople even helped with that.
If you are a fan of this author and her red river series,you won't want to miss this story and how it ends for the good people of Blessing.

I was given this book by Bethany House publishing to read and review,thanks.

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