Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Christmas Ranch (Cowboys of Cold Creek, #13)The Christmas Ranch by RaeAnne Thayne
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Special Edition of two stories by RaeAnne Thayne,The Christmas Ranch and A Cold Creek Holiday...

The Christmas Ranch is a part of ranch that was set aside for all things for Christmas,decorations with lights, raindeer, a magical wonderland. Hope Nichols had traveled far afield for many years and is now coming home..BUT she finds out that this part of the ranch has been temporarily closed after her sisters husband died a few months before. Hope is determined to open it again even though Christmas is fast approaching.
She meets someone from her past and at the beginning does not remember him, he offers his help to get the place open and she accepts. working together so closely she soon finds she is losing her heart to this former navy seal,Rafe Santiago. Sparks fly when she realizes who he is and that he has not mentioned to her they had a past...One that left her with nightmares for awhile.
Come read a wonderful holiday book where you get two for one. thanks RaeAnne.

The second story , Emory needs to get away and chooses a Bed and Breakfast far away during the holidays to be alone and get some work done. She does not count on meeting a hunk of a man who is gaurdian to some adorable kids that want to be friends. They are drawn to her as a mother figure -now missing their Mom that had died. Holidays is not one to be alone and she is soon in the midst of helping the kids have a memorable Christmas and finding she is being drawn closer to the "The Hunk" more and more. This is a couple of stories you must read for the season.

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