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Mail-Order Holiday Brides by Jillian Hart&Janet Tronstad

Mail-Order Holiday Brides: Home for Christmas\Snowflakes for Dry CreekMail-Order Holiday Brides: Home for Christmas\Snowflakes for Dry Creek by Jillian Hart

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Two of my favorite authors in one book LIH "Mail-Oder Holiday Brides" by Jillian Hart&Janet Tronstad

Jillians story is "Home for Christmas"
Christina Eberlee needs a new start in life, she needs a home and is looking for Love because there has been little of that in her life, so she answers several ads from the paper and soon "Tom" sends monies and proposes expecting her to be his bride when she arrives. Tom tells Christina that he is a farmer and has a nice place that he needs help with.
While on the train Christina meets A sheriff by the name of Elijah, he is tall and strong and so nice and friendly, it seems he is there helping whenever she needs it on the trip and then when they arrive and Tom is not there to meet her as the station is closed for the night and the cold and darkness surrounds her -Elijah appears again and takes her to the hotel to wait.
On the way to hotel a boy runs pell-mell into street so fast that he is hit by wagon drawn by horses when he runs right in front of them. Elijah runs to help and soon they meet "Toby" a very young runnaway from an orphange who is skinny and bedraggled. The Hearts of these two people, Elijah and Christina are such that they must help him. They both know how hard life can be at times.
Three lives become entangled in just a few minutes and will never be the same....
When Tom finally shows up to meet Christina she realizes he is not the man she had hoped for but she did promise so she tries to make the best of it and talks him into a few days to get to know one another and plans to marry on Christmas eve. He takes her to boarding house where he has asked Mildred to keep and eye on her for him but he doesn't even ask about her finances and how she will eat while she waits for him.
The small town of Angel Falls is a community of caring folks and Christina falls in love with the little town and its people.
you will want to read this story and see what happens between Tom&Christina, Elijah&Christina and the little boy Toby. I knew that Christina had big decisions to make and her heart was in great danger being around Elijah so much and seeing his goodness.

Janet Tronstad writes "Snowflakes for Dry Creek"

Gabe's brother writes for a mail-order bride and then gets cold feet and leaves town and his children with Gabe telling him to take care of things for awhile...

So Gabe finds himself waiting on a cold windy station platform looking for a young woman who is looking for his brother to meet her. The children had been told Annabelle would be their new mother and they were anxious to meet her. Gabe loved the children and wanted to take care of them the best he could but was not sure how he would handle this situation now. He wanted to send her right back to where she came from but knew with Christmas so near the Christian thing to do would be bring her home for the children.

Annabell is shaken to learn her betrothed is not there but the children make up with their eagerness as she travels with the brother to his home.

Adam had stretched the truth some when he wrote to Annabell about his ranch and the life he lived. would he return -she stayed thinking he would and that everything would be ok.

Gabe didn't want a wife or softness in his life but was beginning to have feelings for Annabell as he watched her with his neice and nephew.

He left to hunt for his brother the next day and went to nearby fort where he was sure his brother would be with the men there gambling and having food to eat with them, but soon found that he was out hunting with the men and it would be anyones guess where they would be so he headed home again.

Annabell helped the children to have a nice Christmas, Gabe invited many neighbors for a party and several from town came out and the people gathered and made do with primitive things and foods to have fellowship at "Christmastime" folks did not get together much and it seemed everyone was so happy that Gabe had opened his home to them. Adam showed up but had been drinking and Annabelle did not get to see him at his best.

Annabelle knew she would not be able to marry this man and knew he didn't want a wife either so she talked with him about being nanny for the children and he was elated about that, he soon was gone again and that left Gabe and Annabell to talk about the feelings that had been growing between them.

I was happy to read that all were happy by the end of the book and felt that Gabe and Annabell would find happiness themselves from a situation that had looked so dire in the beginning...

Thanks Janet and Jillian for some good Christmas reading.

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  1. I think I remember seeing this one advertised. I love reading about the mail-order brides. Very interesting to me.