Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jesus Is Born

Merry CHRISTmas to one and all from one in Ga

It is early morn and a fog has settled around our area with wet on the front porch and sidewalk.  I am thinking today of that long ago morn when Mary awakened to a new born babe beside her looking into its eyes -touching the fingers and toes like all new mothers do, thinking of the miracle that brought this tiny baby into her life.  She doesn't know what tomorrow will bring yet she smiles and feels all the Love a Mother can feel at a time like this.  It doesn't matter that she is in a lowly stable with the smells of cows and hay all around, it doesn't matter that the morning is still dark and Joseph still asleep on the other side of the barn area.  Mary feels Love pure and simple and knows in her heart that this baby will somehow make big changes because the angel of the Lord had visited her and told her of the baby coming and how she was to be the Mother -to raise him and let him learn all he could to share with mankind.  Soon Joseph would awaken and they would make decisions together but for now she lay against the hay and pulled the tiny babe to her breast and thanked God for the awesome priviledge that she now has. 
She hears noises and turns to find three wisemen walking towards the stable each holding a gift and talking quitely among themselves.  This is it I see the star above that has led us through the night, look yonder ..a stable for animals yet I feel that HE is there, the one we have came to find. come lets meet our new King...
They stumble forward and kneel when they see Mary holding the baby and they lay their gifts on the ground nearby and praise his Holy Name...Jesus is Born.

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