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Courting Cate by Leslie Gould

Courting CateCourting Cate by Leslie Gould
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Courting Cate by Leslie Gould

A story about sisters Cate and Betsy...
Cate was around 6 yrs old when Betsy was born and her Mother died shortly after, Cate always felt like she should take care of Betsy and even as a young child she took her job seriously helping out much with her Grandmothers help at first and then later taking full responsibility raising and loving this young sister.  Many times the sister's wishes were taken care of before her own and Betsy come to rely on Cate.
Cate so sweet to a sister though, was not known in her community as anything but a shrew-no boyfriend stayed for long and many teased her at school growing up til she decided she was unlovable.
Cate was approaching the spinster life when Pete Treger came to their area looking for work and a wife-so he said.  Cate just knew he would look at Betsy, sweet pretty Betsy.  She was amazed and a little confused when he turned to her with pretty words and ask her to go hiking with him.
Cate just knows the men of the area that always teased her has set her up for a fall so she reluctantly goes with Pete and to her amazement finds she likes this young man and begins to thaw around him.
I enjoyed reading this book given to me by Bethany house for a review and know you will love the characters of Cate&Pete as you watch their courtship and how they come to find one another after much bickering in their love-hate relationship....which will win?

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