Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Returning by Ann Tatlock

The ReturningThe Returning by Ann Tatlock

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a different type story then I usually read but still a good one. John had made many mistakes in his life, drinking was a big one that had a hold on him. One night he picked up a hiker while driving and very drunk and they had accident and the hiker died, making John to be charged with manslaughter and spend time in prison. This changed his life in many ways and that of his family. He had a son that was down syndrome child, and two daughters many years apart. When he returned from prison there were many obstacles to face. His wife loved him and tried to make this be a second chance but tho John did not drink now he still had a wandering eye where women were concerned and this still held him in its grip. The older children remembered him but the little one that had been baby did not know him at all and he spent much time trying to make amends with them. I was touched by his love and how he truly tried and though not sure about all things with God he still clung to a tiny hope that He could with Gods help make his life work now.

first book read by Ann Tatlock but am thinking I will read more of her.

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